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Get ready for the ultimate adventure at Wildwood Devon!


Make the most of the Summer holidays! Join us at Wildwood Devon for fun team games, amazing animal talks, splishy-splashy river trips, exciting bushcraft activities, and thrilling orienteering adventures. Don’t forget the unforgettable swamp walks!


It's going to be the best summer ever, filled with fun, laughter, and the chance to make new friends.


29 July - 2 August

5 August - 9 August

10am - 3pm


£40 per child per day



Marshmallows (2)

Monday: Team building and animal talks


Tuesday: Animals and river visits


Wednesday: Bushcrafts and animal talks


Thursday: Conservation and pond dipping


Friday: Orienteering and swamp walk


Aimed at 8-12 year olds.

Swamp Walk Scaled

Pack some comfy clothes you don’t mind getting messy or wet, along with comfortable closed-toe shoes. Sun protection is a must, so don’t forget your sunblock and a hat. Bring a yummy packed lunch to keep your energy up for all the fun activities we have planned.


If you’re heading out on the epic swamp walk, you’ll need some old clothes for the swampy adventure, a change of clothes for afterward, a towel to dry off, and a plastic bag to carry your swampy clothes home.


Stay hydrated with a water bottle, and bring some snacks to keep you fueled throughout the day. Most importantly, bring your sense of adventure and be ready to embrace new experiences and challenges.

Limited spaces available. Lock in some summer fun today!

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