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Corporate Team Days

Wildwood Devon is proud to offer you and your company a unique woodland-based team day in the Devon countryside. If you are looking for meaningful activities, to make a difference, and to spend quality time with your colleagues and incredible animals including wolves, bears and red squirrels, look no further.

Wildwood is an internationally renowned conservation charity with a mission to protect, conserve and rewild British Wildlife. Our vision is to give our native species a future and to bring back the lost wonders of our country’s wildlife. Your support and time will help move this forward.

Benefits to your team and your business:

  • Positively impacts employee motivation & wellbeing
  • Promotes team building and improved communication
  • Builds a sense of community within your team
  • Enhances employee self-confidence
  • A sense of pride for contributing to Wildwood’s ongoing conservation work that supports our native British wildlife.

Team day activities:

Our team days are varied in nature and tailored to your employees. Activities can include:

  • General site maintenance
  • Gardening
  • Wildlife surveying
  • Tree planting
  • Animal enclosure restoration

Each team day ends with an outdoor activity. This can include:

  • Bushcraft
  • An animal talk
  • A maze scavenger hunt
  • Foraging
  • Daubing
  • Bug hotel making

Our team days include lunch, with a selection of sandwiches, fruit, snacks, and hot drinks.

Contact for prices and availability.

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