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Indian Blue Peacock

Pavo cristatus

The Indian blue peacock is a large and brightly coloured male bird, native to South Asia, but comfortable living in the UK. In courtship displays, the peacock elevates his tail, which lies under the train, bringing it forward.

Peacock 06 2500X1500

At the climax of this display, the tail feathers are vibrated, giving the feathers of the train a shimmering appearance and making a rustling sound. The peacock’s body feathers are mostly metallic blue-green.

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The Peacock, despite the length and size of his feathers, is still capable of flight. Peahens, or female, lack the train, and have a greenish lower neck. The Indian peafowl lives mainly on the ground where they forage for berries, grains but also prey on snakes, lizards, and small rodents. Their loud calls make them very easy to detect. Peacocks need plenty of space to be comfortable and they have been living a long and happy life wandering wild around Wildwood Escot.

  1. Peacock 06 2500X1500

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