Save The Home Of Our Red Squirrels

Red squirrels were once a common sight in the UK, but have been driven to the brink of extinction due to habitat loss and the impact of invasive species. We urgently need your help to repair their home at Wildwood Escot so they can bring hope for the conservation of this iconic species.

The red squirrel walk-through is the only place in Devon where you can see red squirrels in their natural habitat. It is already an important part of our conservation program to breed red squirrels for reintroduction into the wild and we need your help to keep it safe for our squirrels and open to visitors!

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Help us bring the Wildcats back to Britain

Our aim is to create the first British population of wildcats outside of Scotland since the 1800’s. The species disappeared from England and Wales a century ago because of persecution during a time when all predators, including Wildcats were considered as vermin. With your help, we can begin to establish a self-sustaining Wildcat population in areas where they once would have thrived.

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