Welcoming Schools for Covid-Secure Education Visits

Wildwood Escot is committed to the continued well-being of our visitors, team members and the animals in our care.

When we reopened in mid June, we implemented new protocols and procedures for general visitors to the park and quickly achieved accreditation under the Visit England “Good to Go” and the A.A. “Covid-Confident” schemes, which demonstrate our ability to deliver a full range of visitor services whilst meeting all relevant government guidance.

For schools, we’ve built on that success and removed the headache for teachers, by developing a range of specific measures to ensure that our high-impact educational visits are safe, engaging, challenging and just as much fun as you’ve come to expect.

Half Term Activities

With regard to visitor numbers, we’re very pleased to confirm that under current guidelines, there is no need to limit the number of pupils per visit. Whilst the ratio of adult supervision remains unchanged, we may request visiting teachers and supervisors to play a more active role in assisting the kids in some activities.

Most importantly, we know from your feedback how much you value of our immersive, hands-on approach. We’re delighted to confirm that whilst some activities may be subject to minor modification, the emphasis is still very much on providing that meaningful, lasting educational experience.

The FAQ below will provide further detail whilst addressing some of the more predictable questions. You are of course encouraged to contact us if we’ve missed anything, or you have any specific requirements that we haven’t covered.

All of our up-dated risk assessments are available on request.

We look forward to seeing you soon.

Covid-Secure School Visits FAQ

Maintaining a high-impact educational experience in the midst of Covid-19

Are there any restrictions on numbers of pupils?

Under current guidelines there is no need to limit the number of pupils.

Simply advise us of the size of your group, the number of accompanying adults and we’ll staff the visit accordingly to ensure that we’re able to safely deliver the educational experience you require.


What measures are in place for sanitising?

Convenient sanitising facilities are available at every stage of your visit.

New hand sanitising points have been installed within the education centre and throughout the park.

In addition, staff will carry hand sanitiser so students can sanitise their hands after each activity.

Staff will also have spray sanitiser and wipes for shared tools, equipment and other materials to sanitise between users where appropriate.

All equipment and hi-touch areas are sanitised at regular intervals.

Will the activities change?

Each of our activities is thoroughly risk assessed to ensure the safety of visitors and staff.

All of the risk assessments have been up-dated to account for the added risk of Covid-19.

Where necessary, we have made some adjustments to the manner in which activities are delivered in order to minimise the risk of infection without compromising the overall impact of the experience.

All of our risk assessments are available on request.

How will you ensure social distancing?

You can find a comprehensive run down on general measures for social distancing around the park here.

For education activities, all of our staff will remain at the required one meter distance and use face masks where the activity requires closer supervision. In some circumstances, we may ask visiting teachers and supervisors to assist in this regard.

The vast majority of our education facilities and activities take place outdoors. For some activities we have taken steps to limit the potential for crowding.

For enclosed spaces, such as those in our Saxon Village, we have placed sensible limits on numbers.

What are the arrangements for lunch?

We have several weatherproof areas for pupils and staff to eat, suitable for groups of all sizes.

On the rare occasion that numbers of participants exceed seating capacity, access is provided on rotation with all areas sanitised between sittings.

Facilities are restricted to the exclusive use of the visiting school.

What are the arrangements for toilets?

We have several toilet facilities for the exclusive use of the visiting school.

Where necessary, numbers of pupils using the facilities can be easily regulated.

Our daily timetable makes room for convenient toilet breaks. Please note that we will be limiting the number of people into the toilets at one time.

We suggest that schools stagger toilet breaks over their visit to us to avoid long waits.