Help us give Mish & Lucy a better future

Donate today to help the unluckiest bear cubs in the world

With their mother gone and unable to fend for themselves, their fate was sealed. They couldn't go back into the wild without their mother to take care of them as they would not survive. The two bear cubs desperately need a forever home to give them a chance of a happy, healthy future!

As world leading experts for the rescue and rehabilitation of bears, we know, with your help, we can offer them the very best possible future. Mish and Lucy are currently being held in a temporary enclosure which they will soon outgrow. To avoid future health issues, it is vital that we bring them home before winter sets in and we need your help to make this happen.

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Time is running out for the pine marten!

The European pine marten was once widespread in the UK. Sadly, centuries of persecution and the gradual disappearance of suitable habitat, has led this beautiful animal to the brink of extinction in Britain.
To help bring them back, we need your help to continue our vital work to increase their numbers and give the pine marten the best possible chance of survival in the future.

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The race is on to save baby dormice before it's too late!

New scientific evidence shows the perilous state of Britain’s dormice that now, without our help, face almost certain extinction. Despite being one of our most endearing woodland mammals, its desperate plight has alarmed scientists and the situation is getting much worse!

With your help we can stop the dormouse going extinct in Britain. To find out more and to make a donation to save the baby dormice please click here.

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Save Our Red Squirrels

The red squirrel is our only native squirrel species and is now vastly outnumbered by the invasive grey squirrel. Without immediate conservation the species is expected to be completely wiped out in Britain within the next 12 years!

Wildwood has been leading the return of red squirrels back to the UK with important and successful release programmes across Anglesey and mainland Wales. This success has formed a buffer population of red squirrels, regaining lost ground. We have been successfully breeding red squirrels in captivity for over 15 years and send up to 10 juveniles every year for release.

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